Aneb další příběh o tom, že nějaká věc nejde udělat, dokud to nějaký blbec nezkusí a prostě ji udělá. Možná bych měl nějaký podobný update zkusit i na našem projektu a nehledět na korporátní bariéry.

When I joined Netflix, no one told me it was impossible to upgrade from Java 8 to 11. I just started using it. When things didn’t work (and they definitely didn’t!) on 11, I went and checked if I needed to update the library. I did this as a back-burner project, on my own machine, separate from the main repo. One by one, all the non-working libraries were updated to the working ones. When a library was not Java 11 compatible, I filed a PR on GitHub to fix it. And, plain as it sounds, when there are no more broken things, only working things are left!

The Impossible Java 11